Precision Silver Pro-Handler Dog Exercise Pen - 42in


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  • 42 x 24 in. (Dogs up to 90 lbs)

The Precision Silver Pro-Handler Exercise Pen provides a simple design that keeps your pet safe and secure. Fully adjustable, the eight steel wire panels conveniently fit any indoor or outside arrangement you need. Make extensions to section off an area, or close up to create a self-contained pen.

  • Folds directly into itself, takes up minimal space
  • Includes a 3-point Locking Door on All Sizes
  • Keeps Pets Away from Danger and Gives Them a “Yard” of Their Own
  • No Exposed Screws, Wires or Pins to Injure Your Pet
  • Perfect for indoor/outdoor
  • Helps keep Pet out of Mischeif